Ana Lima – Short Bio

Ph.D. in Architecture and Urbanism (2016) in the research line Genesis, Language and Architecture Representation, at the Higher Technical School of Architecture, at the University of A Coruña (UDC), Spain.

Postgraduate in History, Territory and Heritage Resources (2010) by the Faculty of History of the University of Vigo (UVigo), Spain. Degree in Architecture and Urbanism (2008) from the Escola Superior Gallaecia (ESG).
Coordinator of the Integrated Master’s Degree in Architecture and Urbanism at the Universidade Portucalense Infante D. Henrique (UPT), Porto, and Assistant Professor of the Curricular Units of the Heritage Design, and General Coordinator of Dissertation Project. Former Vice-Director of the Integrated Mestrado in Architecture and Urbanism of the Escola Superior Gallaecia (ESG) between 2019-2021. She was awarded the Scientific Research Award by the FCT-Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (2014-2015), within the scope of the SEISMIC-V Project: Vernacular Seismic Culture in Portugal. Researcher at the Centro de Investigação da Escola Superior Gallaecia (CI-ESG) between 2014-2021, being associated with several R&DT projects.

She has experience in the area of ​​development and management of projects associated with heritage as well as coordination of public and private works’ projects. In 2008 she was a finalist in the International Ideas Competition for the construction of a bridge over the Minho River, Spain-Portugal Operational Program (POCTEP) 2014-2020 Interreg V-A FEDER.
She is author of various national and international scientific communications and publications, in the area of ​​heritage and vernacular architecture. Integrated in several Research Projects, it will explore areas associated with Intervention on the Built Heritage with special interest in the area associated with climatic alterations.

Keywords: heritage management; transmission of knowledge; climatic change, project process management.

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