CIAUD Research Unit  for Architecture, Urbanism and Design

Portucalense University’s branch


Portucalense University (UPT) hosts a branch of CIAUD – Research Unit for Architecture, Urbanism and Design, at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon, as a result of a collaboration protocol between the two institutions, established on 5 December 2022.

This Research Centre adopts the designation of CIAUD-UPT, a branch of CIAUD Research Unit at Portucalense University. CIAUD-UPT is responsible for the scientific research and production of the Department of Architecture and Multimedia Gallaecia (DAMG). The research group of CIAUD-UPT holds the resources and the experience previously assigned to CI-ESG – Research Centre at Escola Superior Gallaecia, with Professor Mariana Correia as Director.

CIAUD is a Research Centre with 354 members (144 integrated members, 131 collaborators, 70 PhD students and 9 grant holders). CIAUD-UPT started its activity with a group of 12 researchers. CIAUD-UPT integrates researchers in the areas of Architecture, Heritage, Urbanism, and Multimedia.

Decisive factors in the success of the creation of CIAUD-UPT were the research activity previously developed in the scope of CI-ESG, which regularly won competitive funding from National and European research projects, either as Project-Leader or as Partner. The funding was won from project bids submitted in competitive programmes, such as FCT, Culture 2000, Creative Europe, InterReg, POCTEP, etc. The high variety of projects was possible due to the high number of submitted annual bids, responding to the growing competitiveness of the group.

CIAUD-UPT develops regularly international and national research projects, consultancy and services for regional institutions and the local community.

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