See below CIAUD-UPT’s overall information about research projects, research areas and networks and partners. Explore them separately on their respective tabs.

Portucalense University is an institution with graduation and post-graduation programs in architecture, urbanism, multimedia and arts. The research pole CIAUD-UPT is responsible for the scientific research and production of the Department of Architecture and Multimedia Gallaecia (DAMG). CIAUD-UPT develops regularly international and national research projects, consultancy and services for regional institutions and the local community. CIAUD-UPT main scientific research areas are: (1) Architecture & Heritage; (2) Territory, Environment & Urban Planning; (3) Design, Arts & Multimedia. CIAUD-UPT, which integrated personnel and knowledge from Escola Superior Gallaecia – ESG, has relevant experience as project leader and partner of several international and national funded research projects.

  1. As project leader, CIAUD-UPT (previously ESG) successfully concluded the following scientific projects:

One project from Creative Europe: 3DPast – Living & virtual visiting European World Heritage ( (2016-2020);

One project from the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT): SEISMIC-V – Vernacular Seismic Culture in Portugal ( (2013-2015);

One project from the European Culture program: VERSUS – Lessons from Vernacular Heritage to Sustainable Architecture ( (2012-2014);

Two projects from POS_C Vale do Minho Digital program: CATPAP – Catalogue of the architectural and archaeological heritage of the Alto Minho region ( (2004-2008); Online Digital library (2004-2008).

  1. As partner, CIAUD-UPT (previously ESG) actively participated in:

Three projects from European programs: Houses and Cities built with Earth (2005-2006); Terra Incognita I (2006-2008); Terra (In)cognita II/Terra Europae (2009-2011);

One project from TEMPUS program: Tempus 3D – Design for the sustainable development of local handicraft production (2013-2017);

One project from InterReg III program: CADIVAFOR – To catalogue, study and valuing the defensive fortresses of Galicia and the north of Portugal border (2006-2008);

One project from POCTEP/ InterReg IV program: NATURA MINHO-MIÑO – Platform of the natural heritage of Minho river (2008-2013);

Furthermore, the CIAUD-UPT team has edited and co-edited 12 international books from different publishers, reports, digital publications, book chapters, scientific papers, and has organized international conferences and events. ESG is an institutional member and the Portuguese Chair holder of the UNESCO Chair – Earthen Architecture and Sustainable Development, and a member of its Scientific Committee; and is an institutional member of PROTERRA – Iberian American Network on Earthen Architecture and construction.

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