Hernando Urrutia – Short Bio

PhD in Digital Media-Art (UAb – UAlg – Portugal); Advanced Studies in Digital Media-Art (UAb – UAlg – Portugal); Degree in Graphic Design (UPB – Colombia); Degree in Visual Arts (IDBA – Colombia); Currently he is full time Assistant Professor at the Degree in Multimedia and Arts of the Department of Architecture and Multimedia Gallaecia (DAMG), Universidade Portucalense (UPT). Researcher at CIAC – Centro de Investigação em Artes e Comunicação (UAb – Lisbon / UAlg – Faro, Portugal); Visiting Researcher at M-ITI – Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (UMa – Funchal, Portugal). Team member of the Project for the Edital CAPES CLUSTER CINEX II – 2022-2023 (Portugal – Brazil), in Curitiba – Brazil. Director and Curator IMAGE PLAY International Video Art Festival, 2019-2023 (Portugal); EXPERIMENTA – Audiovisual Transformation (International Video Art Show), 2019-2023 (Portugal); TRANSGRESSION art + technology PR 2, 2023-2024 (Portugal); META-MORFO – Experimental Show of Audiovisual Technology |Portugal, 2023-2024 (Brazil). Member of the International Scientific Committee and Curator Over The Real International Videoart Festival (Italy). Curator of THE WRONG BIENNALE 2021-2022 | 2023-2024 (Spain); LANDSCAPE – interaction | sound telling | video telling, 2022-2023 (Italy); FONLAND – International Video Art & Performance Festival, 2023 (Portugal); Artistic Director of Cultural Projects in the areas of New Media and Digital Media Arts, at APCA – Madeira (Atlantic Culture Promotion Agency), 2023-2024; Artistic Director and Coordinator of EXE – Experimental Exhibition | Audio-visual, International Festivals/Shows Exhibitions Project, 2023-2025 (Portugal). He was Professor 1997 – 2001 of Design, at the University Institute “José Antonio de Sucre”, San Cristóbal – Venezuela; 1992-1993; Professional Area Coordinator and Professor full time of lecturer at the Design School of the University “Nueva Esparta”, Caracas – Venezuela; 1991-1992 Technical Area Coordinator and Professor at the Design Faculty of the University “Pontificia Bolivariana”, UPB Medellín – Colombia. Conducted 138 postgraduate training courses and 4 artistic residencies. Curator in 36 international artistic projects. Conducted 34 lectures/conferences/communications and Training Workshops. He has received more than 270 recognitions and 8 awards. Has been for several years invited as Selection and Award Jury in Exhibitions, Competitions and Art Salons. He has participated in more than 560 Collective and 19 Individual Exhibitions in 41 countries. He has experience in audiovisual productions of video art, animation, experimental shorts, glitch; multimedia intervention of public space, digital art, visual projection and video mapping; processes of generative art; narratives as configurations of creation and action in the areas of digital arts, sound art and digital sound composition. Has publications indexed in The ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) | DL – Digital Libtrary – Publishing System and WEB OF SCIENCE CORE COLLECTION of the WEB OF SCIENCE GROUP | Web of Science Author Connect. Specifically, it will explore the multimedia interventions in public space in its immersion and reverberation; The sounds of public space in the city and the new sound narratives of the city; The democratization of knowledge and digital inclusion in the globalization of knowledge from the public space, in the confluence between art and technology; The hybrid display of art today; The audiovisual contemporaneity: An approach to experimentation and transgression; The still image and the moving image, digital arts in the cyberculture actuality. Keywords: public space intervention, democratization of knowledge, art and technology, transgression and audiovisual experimentation, sound art.
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