David Leite Viana – Short Bio

David Leite Viana is post-doc. in Urban Morphology/Civil Engineering (FEUP, 2015), PhD in Urban and Spatial Planning (IUU-UVa, 2008), DEA in Modern City and Architecture (UVa, 2005) and Dipl. Arch. (ESAP, 1999). He is head of the Urban Planning Division (Matosinhos Municipality), an established researcher at CEAU-FAUP, assistant professor at UPT, PhD supervisor in the doctorate programme on Architecture for the Contemporary Metropolitan Territories (Iscte), invited professor in the Master Programme on Geographic Information Systems Applied to Spatial Planning, Urbanism and Landscape (UPV), an external reviewer at Chalmers University of Technology (Architecture and Urban Design Programme) and visiting scholar in the Centre for Architecture, Urbanism and Global Heritage (NTU). He was an established researcher at ISTAR-Iscte, an expert evaluator at the European Commission, assistant professor and director of ESG’s Integrated Master in Architecture and Urbanism, leading researcher of the research field in Territory, Environment and Urbanism at CIESG, assistant professor and deputy director of the Architecture Programme at ESAP and director-secretary of the Centre for African Studies at the University of Porto. He is co-founder and co-chair of the International Symposium Formal Methods in Architecture, PNUM Scientific Councillor and editorial board member of the journal Revista de Morfologia Urbana (RMU). He is co-editor of the book Formal Methods in Architecture (Springer), of the Special Issue Formalizing Urban Methodologies (Urban Science Journal) and of the books Formal Methods in Architecture and Urbanism, volumes I and II (Cambridge Scholars Publishing), and author of the book Maputo: (auto)organização e forma-dinâmica urbana (University of Oporto Press). He was co-distinguished by the International Society of City and Regional Planning (ISoCaRP) with the Sir Gerd Albers Award.
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